Changing that Attitude and going from having Pitty to being Grateful!

John 16:33 talks about how there will be trouble in our life but that God is with us and not to fear.

But how often to we forget to give it to God and immediately get down and sad? We are human so of course we think negative and try to fix it ourselves when in reality we just need to give it all to him.

I am the worst at this and I know that. My life is not easy and we all have hard times but we have wonderful times as well! Cast your worries onto God and change your attitude towards the situation and make it positive! Do NOT let Satan attack and make you feel down. Get happy and feel blessed!

Joyce talks about how she handled things in the past which is how I am sure we all handle things at times but I love how she is so honest and focuses on how she changed and how happiness comes from within.

There is so much I could say about this but I want you to watch because it is hilarious at how she puts a few things in there! Humor is the BEST!!

2 thoughts on “Changing that Attitude and going from having Pitty to being Grateful!

  1. Oh this so hits home with me!! I start to worry about something so I pray about it and give it to God. But then I can’t stop thinking about it, like I take it back from God so I can overthink it again. Geez! Clearly I am a work in progress!! I think God probably shakes his head in disbelief at me at least 10 times a day! ha! Thank you for sharing this post!


    • Oh Kristin! I feel like if God wanted to throw the book at anyone I bet it would be me haha!! I swear I fight it so much! I know I need to have faith in God and give my worries to him but I will literally make myself sick!
      True Story.. So last night I was reading my Book and doing a devotional and in the book it talks about how we go through tough times or just tough spots where we worry ourselves sick and say “Well all we can do is pray now” and I read that as was like.. eeek thats me!! BUT we are supposed to immediately not worry about things and Hand it over to God and Pray FIRST! I was like.. I know this.. So why am I not listening?! Geees lol.. So that is like my new sticky note for my mirror this week lol.. Pray First Not Last! –Casey Poff 🙂


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