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Welcome to My Life! My name is Casey and I am a Single Mom, Christian, Full Time Working Mommy, Programmer,Photographer, Friend, Daughter, etc. I have many labels and I blog and write about it all. I have been married, divorced, changed careers, had a baby, and I am still going strong. Don’t get me wrong, I struggle everyday just like most but I have noticed that by expressing myself through writing it has helped me move past those hard times while helping others as well. I have a sarcastic side on parenting but yet very compassionate. I believe you have to find humor in all things because that is life. I also believe in sharing your experiences for that promotes growth in an individual while giving another person hope and to show others that with God by our side we can get through anything. Life is truly amazing but we are so clouded by our struggles that it is hard to notice. Trust me! I am very clouded at times. I welcome all comments because just like you I am needing strength at times too and I love reading about other peoples experiences no matter what the issue.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just happen to pass by…Love the fact that I am single and Christian. Just like you! I’m also in bloggy moms. I will continue to read in your blog I might find some interesting tips…Be blessed!

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